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About Us

AeroBase Group supplies aircraft parts, mil-spec hardware and tools, shop supplies, and chemical products from our 20,000 sqft. warehouse located in Florida. We are a licensed distributor of many top brands including Spirol and Checkers.

The AeroBase Store provides customers with ease of ordering, instant pricing, and quotes in minutes. Our vast inventory of over 30,000 in stock hardware and other products mean we are equipped to ship FAST and on time.




Chemicals and Consumables
Improve the performance of your aircraft with high quality chemicals and consumables! Whether cleaning, painting or maintaining your aircraft, AeroBase Store has the best selection of adhesives, cleaners, epoxy primers, paints, coatings and lubricants to choose from.
Quality Guidelines
AeroBase Group is required to follow strict guidelines on delivery, sourcing, and handling of products. Our track record exceeds those guidelines with a 100% quality and on time delivery score from Lockheed Martin and a 4.7 out of 5 average customer rating.
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Product Spotlight

Lubricant: paste,80gm, molykote g-n

GNPASTE Paste Lubricant $16.95 /Each

Sealant: silicone,5.4oz, dow corning frv1106

FRV1106-5-40Z Silicone Sealant $579.95 /Each

Silicone: catalyst,mold,45gm, dow corning

FCATALYST Catalyst Silicone $7.95 /Each

Dow Corning Grease White, Translucent, 5.3 oz tube

DC976-5-30Z Dow Corning® Grease White $81.95 /Each

Sealant: fluorosilicone,7.5oz, dow corning 94-011

DC94-011 Fluorosilicone Sealant $505.95 /Each

Kit: rf,sealant/catalyst,a/b,whi,1lb, dow corning 93-006-6

DC93-006-6-1LB Rf Kit $183.95 /Each

Kit: sealant,a/b,453gm, dow corning 93-006-1,rf

DC93-006-1RF1LB Sealant Kit $143.95 /Each

Sealant: multi-surface,blk,300, dow corning rtv832

DC832-10-10Z Surface Sealant Multi $21.95 /Each

Dow Corning Sealant White, 10.3 oz tube

DC790-10-30ZWH 10.3 Oz Tube Dow Corning® Sealant White $43.95 /Each

Sealant: noncorrosive,90ml, dow corning 748

DC748-30Z Noncorrosive Sealant $17.95 /Each

Release: silicone,5.3oz, dow corning 7

DC7 Silicone Release $26.49 /Each

Lubricant: dry film,11oz, molykote 557

DC557-110Z Dry Film Lubricant $44.95 /Each

Lubricant: silicone,150g, molykote r 55

DC55-5-30Z Silicone Lubricant $42.95 /Each

Silicone: dielectric,5.3oz, dow corning 5

DC5-5-30Z Dielectric Silicone $79.95 /Each

Fluid: silicone,low temp,clr, dow corning 510

DC510-50CSPT Silicone Fluid $301.95 /Each


NSN 5925-00-431-3255

Single phase 10 amp

MS3320-10 Circuit Breaker $49.95 /Each
NSN 5975-01-527-2525

The 9306420 is a SA series 100 PSI harsh duty Pressure Transducer. SA100 with Packard Conn. on 11 inch Cable and circuit modified to drive output to zero volts if ground connection is opened. Its spec sheet is attached. The harsh duty SA Pressure Transduc

5975-01-527-2525 Transducer $1,295.00 /Each
NSN 5940-00-113-8183

Mil Spec closed barrel ring tongue Terminal. 12-10 AWG.

5940-00-113-8183 Terminal $0.95 /Each
NSN 5940-00-549-6703

#6 AWG Nylon-Insulated Right-Angle Copper tube Terminals, 6 Max. Insul. Dia.: .313" Sleeve, Color: Blue, 1/4, 1.20 in L, .50 in W, Tin-Plated, 600 Volts Max.

5940-00-549-6703 Terminal $10.95 /Each
NSN 6150-00-522-3926

Cadmium terminal strip

MS25226-10-2 Terminal Strip $5.50 /Each
NSN 5935-01-224-1176

MS3102A181SZ connector

MS3102A18-1SZ Connector $25.85 /Each
NSN 5940-00-315-9025

Eight stud holes terminal strip

MS27212-2-8 Terminal Board $32.95 /Each
NSN 5935-00-853-3375

MS3102R2212S connector

MS3102R22-12S Connector $25.85 /Each
NSN 5935-00-259-0640

MS3102A181SX connector

MS3102A18-1SX Connector $25.85 /Each
NSN 5940-01-105-8085

MS2721266 terminal board

MS27212-6-6 Terminal Board $29.95 /Each

MS1802913S2 terminal board

MS18029-13S-2 Terminal Board $29.95 /Each
NSN 5940-01-366-0369

MS180296S3 terminal board

MS18029-6S-3 Terminal Board $29.95 /Each
NSN 5940-00-132-2769

MS2721214 terminal board

MS27212-1-4 Terminal Board $17.95 /Each
NSN 5940-00-243-7735

MS2721224 terminal board

MS27212-2-4 Terminal Board $17.95 /Each
NSN 5940-01-607-9987

terminal strip

MS27212-1-3 Terminal Board $10.95 /Each



BACB30US6K55H Bolt $132.00 /Each


BACB30US6K52H Bolt $91.40 /Each
NSN 5306-01-436-1337


BACB30US6K34Y Bolt $82.40 /Each


BACB30US6K31Y Bolt $160.00 /Each


BACB30US6K30Y Bolt $124.00 /Each


BACB30US5K7Y Bolt $16.40 /Each


BACB30US5K50 Bolt $55.20 /Each


BACB30US5K15Y Bolt $73.20 /Each


BACB30US5B16DM Bolt $218.00 /Each


BACB30US4K6X Bolt $190.00 /Each


BACB30US4K3H Bolt $12.50 /Each


BACB30US20K123Y Bolt $364.00 /Each


BACB30US18K55 Bolt $506.00 /Each


BACB30US18K50 Bolt $1,204.00 /Each


BACB30US18K36 Bolt $620.00 /Each

Aircraft Lighting

Honeywell wing light

72303303-2 Wingtip Light $97,500.00 /Each
NSN 6240-00-577-8450

GE 24898 Sealed Beam Incandescent Lamp 4596

24898 Sealed beam Lamp $49.95 /Each

Honeywell aircraft wing light

D7995-3 Wingtip Light $17,500.00 /Each

Honeywell led aircraft wing light

30-3083-2 Wingtip Light $59,400.00 /Each

Honeywell led aircraft wingtip light

30-3083-1 Wingtip Light $59,600.00 /Each

Honeywell left aircraft wingtip

30-3013-5 Wingtip Light $98,500.00 /Each

Honeywell right aircraft wingtip light

30-2848-6 Wingtip Light $84,900.00 /Each

Honeywell aircraft wingtip light

30-2848-5 Wingtip Light $89,500.00 /Each

Honeywell wingtip light 30-2300-6

30-2300-6 Wingtip Light $64,900.00 /Box

Honeywell wingtip light

30-2300-5 Wingtip Light $90,097.68 /Each

Honeywell red wingtip light

22875-1-24 Wingtip Light $4,295.00 /Each

Lamp retainer

B6492 Retainer $249.95 /Each
NSN 6240-00-155-7836

28 volt lamp for aircraft lighting

MS25237-327 Lamp $1.00 /Each

90 feet cable installation kit

01-0750205-00 Installation Kit $395.00 /Each

4 position female A448 Electrical Connector

01-0417808-01 Connector $33.95 /Each
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