CN-109C Aircraft Cargo Tie Down

Part#: CN-109C NSN: 1670-00-996-2780

About this product Width 5.5, length 14.5, webbing 1.719.

Product Details

Part Number or Model CN-109C
Description Aircraft Cargo Tie Down
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
General Characteristics Item Description Nylon webbing spec mil mil-w-4088 type xiii cond r; o/a netting approx 5.5 ft w 14.5 ft lg; stitched; 1.719 in. w webbing; a/a in. sq mesh; attachment 11 hooks located 20 in. apart along netting id brown-line corp p/n 22036-51,21 rings 14 located on lg and with netting 7 located on center netting
Nondefinitive Specification/std Data Hcu-7/e type

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nsn 1670-00-725-1437 length 20 feet aircraft cargo tie down Kinedyne factory new with manufacture certifications


Kinedyne part number FE12687C240 20 feet in length with a 5000 strength capacity cargo tie down nsn 1670-00-725-1437


Total load weight 10,000 pounds


Webbing strap length 120 inches width 3 inches

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