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1740-01-538-2619 Circuit Breaker

Thermal 60 amp Circuit Breaker. Ignition protected and sealed.. Auto reset. Over-current protection for harsh environments,vehicle,electric vehicle,battery chargers,marine,etc..

MPN: 1740-01-538-2619

100.95 / Each
Image of this product not yet available
2920-01-549-5625 Circuit Breaker

Commercial 6 amp thermal Circuit Breaker with manual reset. Ignition protected.& sealed. For the harsh environments of truck,bus,off-road,construction,& electric vehicles as well as marine. Features: 30VDC or 120VAC, Open and closed construction, Automatic and manual reset options, Ignition protected SAE J1171, Weatherproof SAE J553, UL Recognized E36869.

MPN: 2920-01-549-5625

68.95 / Each
Picture of 2TC12-1
2TC12-1 Circuit Breaker

1 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC12-1

195.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC12-15
2TC12-15 Circuit Breaker

15 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC12-15

195.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC12-2
2TC12-2 Circuit Breaker

2 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC12-2

195.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC12-2.5
2TC12-2.5 Circuit Breaker

2.5 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC12-2.5

195.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC13-10
2TC13-10 Circuit Breaker

10 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC13-10

395.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC13-15
2TC13-15 Circuit Breaker

15 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC13-15

450.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC13-3
2TC13-3 Circuit Breaker

3 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC13-3

395.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC13-5
2TC13-5 Circuit Breaker

5 amp circuit breaker

MPN: 2TC13-5

395.00 / Each
Picture of 2TC14-1
2TC14-1 Circuit Breaker

1 amp, single phase, circuit breaker. Aircraft use

MPN: 2TC14-1

49.95 / Each
Picture of 2TC14-10
2TC14-10 Circuit Breaker

10 amp

MPN: 2TC14-10

64.95 / Each
Picture of 2TC14-2
2TC14-2 Circuit Breaker

2 amp, single phase, trip free

MPN: 2TC14-2

49.95 / Each
Image of this product not yet available
2TC14-3 Circuit Breaker

3 amp circuit breaker. Single phase.

MPN: 2TC14-3

49.95 / Each
Picture of 2TC14-5
2TC14-5 Circuit Breaker

5 amp, single phase

MPN: 2TC14-5

52.95 / Each
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