2TC15-15 Circuit Breaker

Part#: 2TC15-15

About this product 15 amp circuit breaker. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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2TC15-15 2TC15-15 2TC15-15 2TC15-15

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Part Number or Model 2TC15-15
Description Circuit Breaker
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class)

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  • ECCN (Export Control Class)

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Circuit Breaker
20 amp circuit breaker

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Commercial thermal Circuit Breaker. 30 amps. Sealed & ignition protected. Automatic reset.; For battery protection in electric vehicles & marine. Ignition protected to SAE J1171: Weatherproof to SAE J553. UL Recognized to E3686. 7854-15-30-I features a se


Thermal military/aerospace Circuit Breaker. Non compensated, high performance. 15/32'' bushing. Uses minimum space. Light weight. Trip free. 7 1/2 AMP.


10 amp circuit breaker


Thermal 35 amp Circuit Breaker. Ignition protected and sealed.. Auto reset. Over-current protection for harsh environments,vehicle,electric vehicle,battery chargers,marine,etc..

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