NAS6604-52 Bolt

Part#: NAS6604-52 NSN: 5306-01-230-2435

About this product shear bolt.

Product Details

Part Number or Model NAS6604-52
Description Bolt
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Fastener Length 3.660 inches minimum and 3.690 inches maximum
Grip Diameter 0.2485 inches minimum and 0.2495 inches maximum
Grip Length 3.240 inches minimum and 3.260 inches maximum
Hardness Rating 36.0 rockwell c minimum and 40.0 rockwell c maximum overall
Head Height 0.125 inches minimum and 0.140 inches maximum
Head Style Dished hexagon
Material Steel comp
Material Specification Mil-s-5000 mil spec 1st material response or mil-s-6049 mil spec 2nd material response or ams6322 assn std 2nd material response overall
Min. Tensile Strength (psi) 160000 pounds per square inch
Thread Diameter 0.250 inches
Surface Finish 32.0 microinches surface of head
Surface Finish 32.0 microinches grip
Surface Finish 32.0 microinches threads
Surface Treatment Cadmium and chromate overall
Surface Treatment Specification Qq-p-416 type 2 class 2 fed spec single treatment response overall
Thread Class 3a
Thread Direction Right-hand
Thread Length 0.400 inches minimum and 0.450 inches maximum
Thread Qty Per Inch (tpi) 28
Thread Series Designator Unjf
Width Between Flats 0.429 inches minimum and 0.439 inches maximum

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