NAS1756-12 Remove Before Flight

Part#: NAS1756-12 NSN: 8345-01-137-4795

About this product Twelve inch remove before flight streamer. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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NAS1756-12 NAS1756-12 NAS1756-12 NAS1756-12

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Part Number or Model NAS1756-12
Description Remove Before Flight Streamer
Schedule B Class 3926.90.9995
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Style Designator Rectangular
Special Features Vinyl coated white lettered legend; remove before flight; for use w/general purpose helicopter
Procurement Group Code 17692
Fiber Material Nylon
Fly 12 inches
Hoist 3 inches
Environmental Protection Fire resistant and oil resistant and waterproof and weather resistant and aromatic hydrocarbon resistant
Design Designation Us army
Color Red
Cloth Name Plain weave

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Remove Before Flight Streamer
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Remove Before Flight Streamer
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