MS27212-2-16 Terminal Board

Part#: MS27212-2-16

About this product MS27212-2 terminal board with 16 studs. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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MS27212-2-16 MS27212-2-16 MS27212-2-16 MS27212-2-16 MS27212-2-16 MS27212-2-16 MS27212-2-16

Product Details

Part Number or Model MS27212-2-16
Description Terminal Board
Schedule B Class 8536.90.4000
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Special Features 16 max non-feed-through terminals, cut to desired size at point of installation
Nonfeedthru Terminal Type 598 single
Nonfeedthru Terminal Quantity 16 single
Mounting Hole Diameter 0.12 inches
Material Copper alloy terminals
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity 16 unthreaded hole
Material Plastic board
Distance From Left Edge Of Terminal Board To Center Of First Mou 0.218 inches
Distance From Bottom Edge Of Terminal Board To Center Of Mountin 0.469 inches
Center To Center Distance Between Terminals 0.75 inches
Body Style Barrier type
Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel T 0.75 inches
Boardlength 12.454 inches
Boardwidth 0.938 inches
Terminal Design Non feed thru
Boardheight 1.079 inches
Board Height Excluding Terminals 0.789 inches
Board Construction Hollow construction without insulated strip
Base Thickness 0.328 inches
Terminal Pattern Arrangement Single row
Terminal Row Quantity 1

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