MS25089-3GW-1 Push Switch

Part#: MS25089-3GW-1

About this product MS25089-3GW-1 Push Switch. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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Part Number or Model MS25089-3GW-1
Description Push Switch
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class)

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  • ECCN (Export Control Class)

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Controls mil grade pushbutton snap action Switch for low level Switching. Sealed with momentary action, normally open. 4 LBS momentary Switch action. Screw Terminals. Black body & button. Hardware is included. Mil qualified to MS25089-1CL. Same as Otto


MS91528004B knob


A two-part, rigid epoxy adhesive offering a fast cure and machinability. It is fast-setting and cures at room temperature to form a rigid bond. Has low viscosity for easy dispensing and leveling. 400 mL Duo-Pak Cartridge


High pressure 5000 psi valve

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