MS25089-1FR, Push Switch

Part#: MS25089-1FR NSN: 5930-01-022-2076

About this product MS25089-1FR Push Switch. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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Part Number or Model MS25089-1FR
Description Push Switch
Schedule B Class 8536509035
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99

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Rugged and environmentally sealed pushbutton Switch. This sealed mil grade push button Switch features normally open circuitry with three Terminal (solder Terminals) as well as 4 lbs momentary Switching circuitry. Snap action Switches up to 10 amps. Like


Sealed push button Switch, normally open, 2.5 lbs operating force, normally open , positive tactile feedback, red button, solder Terminals. Makes and breaks every time! Less than 25 milliohms contact resistance because the OTTO design features inherent ro


Push button Switch. Sub miniature. Long life. 5 amp sealed momentary snap action Mil Spec with positive tactile feedback. Same as part # P7-531122.


Pushbutton Switch, sealed against dust & moisture The P7 series incorporates OTTO's patented double break design in a significantly smaller package than the P1 series. These subminiature Switches embrace today's technology requirements by allowing for a l

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