MS21915-8-4 Fitting

Part#: MS21915-8-4 NSN: 4730-00-595-1561

About this product flareless.

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MS21915-8-4 MS21915-8-4 MS21915-8-4 MS21915-8-4 MS21915-8-4 MS21915-8-4

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Part Number or Model MS21915-8-4
Description Pipe to Boss
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class) 9A991.d
Connection Style Flareless (tube) 1st end
Connection Style Gasket seal (boss) 2nd end
Connection Type Threaded external tube 1st end
Connection Type Threaded internal boss 2nd end
End Application Aircraft application
Material Steel
Outside Diameter Tube Accommodated 0.25 inches 1st end
Nominallength 1.484 inches
Thread Size 0.438 inches 1st end
Thread Size 0.750 inches 2nd end
Seat Angle 12.0 degrees 1st end
Surface Treatment Cadmium
Thread Class 3a 1st end
Thread Class 3b 2nd end
Thread Series Designator Unjf all ends

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