MS20426AD3-5 Rivet

Part#: MS20426AD3-5 NSN: 5320-00-117-6939

About this product solid rivets 4000 pieces per pound.

Product Details

Part Number or Model MS20426AD3-5
Description Rivet
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Shank Style Straight with radius chamfered tip
Head Style Flush (flat) countersunk (included angle - less than 135 deg w or w/o chamfer)
Heat Treatment T-4 solution heat treated
Material Aluminum alloy
Material Specification Qq-a-430 fed spec single material response overall
Shank Diameter 0.093 inches minimum and 0.097 inches maximum
Head Major Diameter 0.175 inches minimum and 0.183 inches maximum
Fastener Length 0.302 inches minimum and 0.322 inches maximum
Countersink Angle 99.5 degrees minimum and 100.5 degrees maximum
End Application W/s:teammate, an/trq-32; radar set, an/tpn-18; airborne mobile dir air spt ctl (2id),(02m jul83)(an/uyq-3a); aircraft, (ac-130h, mc-130h, ec-130e, hc-130); communications terminal, satellite an/gsc-39(v)1; traffic jam, an/tlq-17a; aircraft, thunderbolt ii, a-10; suppoort equipment, b-52 aircraft; support equipment, b-1 aircraft; missile, advanced medium range air-to-air (amraam)/aim120a
Surface Treatment Anodize or chromate
Surface Treatment Specification Mil-a-8625 mil spec 1st treatment response overall or mil-c-5541 mil spec 2nd treatment response overall

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Countersunk head rivet, 1 pound

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