AA-9718E-25KF1 Filter Kit

Part#: AA-9718E-25KF1 NSN: 4330-01-125-5432

About this product O-Rings are to be lightly lubricated with MIL-L-7808 oil prior to being placed and sealed in plastic bag.

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AA-9718E-25KF1 AA-9718E-25KF1

Product Details

Part Number or Model AA-9718E-25KF1
Description Filter Element Kit
Schedule B Class 8421990080
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Component Document Origin Industrial
Component Document Page Number 1
Component Quantity 3
Document Identification Aa-9718e-25kf1
Document Source 18350
Document Type Industrial drawing
End Application 2840-01-070-1003
End Item Name T700-ge-700
End Item Source 99207
Nonsupply Items And Quantities 81349 m83248/1-022 packing preform(o-ring) 2
Special Markings O-rings are to be lightly lubricated with mil-l-7808 oil prior to being placed and sealed in plastic bag
Supply Items And Quantities 2945-01-125-5432 filter element,fluid 1

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