5975-00-878-3791 Grounding Rod

Part#: 5975-00-878-3791 NSN: 5975-00-878-3791

About this product 1 x 5/8 X 8 copper bonded ground rod, 10 milUL-listed; I x heavy duty ground rod clamp, 1/2SS bold, 1 x 6 ft #6 stranded copper wire with terminal lug, this grounding rod is for quick portable grounding. 3 x 635830, 3 x RECR-58, 1 REDS-58, 6 ft # 6 stranded cu wire, 1 x bronze ground rod clamp, 1 x Terminal Lug to government spec.

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5975-00-878-3791 5975-00-878-3791 5975-00-878-3791

Product Details

Part Number or Model 5975-00-878-3791
Description Grounding Rod
Schedule B Class
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Thread Size And Series/type Designator 0.625-11
Wire Termination Type Terminal lug with hole
Thread Class 1a
Surface Treatment Copper
Style Designator Sectional
Section Quantity 3
Overall Length 108 inches
Point Shape Conical
Nondefinitive Specification/std Data Ii type
Material Steel
Maximum Awg Conductor Wire Size Designation 6
Material Steel
Ground Wire Length 72 inches
Ground Wire Accommodation Separable clamp
Diameter 0.625 inch
Accommodated Conductor Wire Construction Stranded

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  • RE635837
  • A-A-55804-IIIB
  • A-A-55804-III-B

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