MS25226-8-2 Conductor Bus

Part#: MS25226-8-2 NSN: 6150-00-623-7229

About this product MS25226-8 conductor bus with 2 holes. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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MS25226-8-2 MS25226-8-2

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Part Number or Model MS25226-8-2
Description Conductor Bus
Schedule B Class 8543909000
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Surface Treatment Cadmium
Surface Treatment Specification Qq-p-416, type 2, class 3 fed spec single treatment response
Overall Length 2.125 inches nominal
Mounting Configuration Two 0.381 in. min and 0.387 in. max diameter holes located 1.500 in. center to center
Material Specification Qq-c-502 fed spec single material response or qq-c-576 fed spec single material response
Material Copper
Cross-sectional Height 0.051 inches nominal
Cross-sectional Width 0.625 inches nominal
Construction Solid
Body Cross-sectional Shape Rectangular with edge radius

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