MS25083-1BB5 Bonding Jumper

Part#: MS25083-1BB5 NSN: 6150-01-477-5869

About this product 5 inch lead length bonding jumper assembly. MS25083 series lead. * Manufacturer certifications are shipped with your order FREE of charge

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MS25083-1BB5 MS25083-1BB5

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Part Number or Model MS25083-1BB5
Description Bonding Jumper
Schedule B Class 8543909000
ECCN (Export Control Class) EAR99
Round Conductor Size 10 awg single conductor
Strand Awg Size Per Conductor 26 single conductor
Strand Quantity Per Conductor 37 single conductor
Terminal Commercial And Government Entity Code 96906 both ends single conductor
Terminal Lug Aperture Size 0.198 inches both ends single conductor
Terminal Manufacturer Identifying Reference Number Ms25036-112 both ends single conductor
Termination Type Lug terminal w/mounting hole both ends single conductor
End Application F/a-18 e/f
Lead Length 5.000 inches nominal
Material Aluminum core conductor single conductor
Criticality Code Justification Agav
Cross Sectional Shape Round
Conductor Form Stranded single conductor

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