MS20220-2 Pulley

Part#: MS20220-2 NSN: 3020-00-277-1123

About this product lubricated diameter 3 inches.

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MS20220-2 MS20220-2 MS20220-2 MS20220-2 MS20220-2 MS20220-2

Product Details

Part Number or Model MS20220-2
Description Pulley
Schedule B Class 8487900080
ECCN (Export Control Class) 9A991.d
Web/spoke Relationship To Face Centerline Not offset
Style Designator Plain
Split Hub Feature Not included
Overall Length 0.625 inches
Outside Diameter 3.005 inches
Material And Location Plastic, phenolic
Lightening Hole Not included
Keying Facility Not included
Integral Cooling Vane Not included
Hub End Outside Diameter And Location 0.515 inches both ends
Groove Width 0.275 inches
Groove Shape U
Groove Radius 0.097 inches
Groove Quantity 1
Groove Depth 0.25 inches
Face Width 0.422 inches
End Application Aircraft
Distance From Outside Flange/rim To Hub End And Location 0.101 inches nominal both ends
Design Form Plain
Criticality Code Justification Feat
Counterbore Feature Not included
Bore Type Straight
Bore Length 0.625 inches
Bore Feature Included
Bore Diameter 0.3145 inches
Bearings Included
Bearing Type Ball
Bearing Quantity 1

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