AN833-10D Elbow

Part#: AN833-10D NSN: 4730-00-387-5008

About this product Aluminum alloy 90 degree tube elbow.

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AN833-10D AN833-10D AN833-10D AN833-10D AN833-10D AN833-10D

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Part Number or Model AN833-10D
Description Elbow
Schedule B Class 7609000000
ECCN (Export Control Class) 9A991.d
Thread Size 0.875 inches 1st end bulkhead
Thread Series Designator Unjf 1st end bulkhead
Thread Series Designator Unjf all ends
Thread Class 3a all ends
Thread Class 3a 1st end bulkhead
Surface Treatment Anodize
Seat Angle 37.0 degrees all ends
Specification Data 88044-an833 government standard
Outside Diameter Tube Accommodated 0.625 inches all ends
Material Aluminum alloy
Leg Length 2.375 inches nominal 1st end
Leg Length 1.547 inches nominal 2nd end
Flow Angle 90 degrees
Connection Type Threaded external tube all ends
Connection Style Flared (tube) all ends
Thread Size 0.875 inches all ends

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  • AS1038D1010

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